Reading through this month's recommendations gets me excited for an outing with a group of my friends. We try every spring to find Morel Mushrooms. It requires a good hike in the woods and generally you battle against mosquitos and the deer that beet you to the mushroom but it's a fun experience. Generally turns into a day long scavenger hunt that in the end, you can either cook up the mushrooms yourself or sell them to a local food Mart. Thank you!
“I received and read my lesson on general understanding of stress. Very good information and came at a perfect time for me. Thank you.”
“Thank you for the lesson this week on skin cancer awareness. It is great information and such an important issue.”
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“Thank you! The stress lesson was so helpful this week.”
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"Everything that was on that lesson was happening to me and just by reading it I was able to cope with the stress"
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“Great information here! Thank you again! If you're the one who chooses the topics, way to go! I actually look forward to your email”.
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